You will find a great selection of both national brand as well as our private label brands up and down every aisle in the grocery, frozen and dairy departments.  We also carry many specialty items throughout the store.

As a family-owned supermarket business, we don't have to abide by the same rules that the big chains do when it comes to what products we carry in our stores. Most chain grocery stores end up with “a one size fits all” selection.  We think differently.  We think about the neighborhood and the community we serve when it comes to product selection.  We listen to what our neighbors suggest and do our best to carry those items. Which means you will find a great selection of products from local Maryland companies that you won't find in many of the major chain store!

We are very proud of the private label brands that we sell!

In fact, if you try a private label item from Essential Everyday, Culinary Circle, Equaline, Wild Harvest, Tumaro's, Superchill or Stone Ridge and are not 100% satisfied – we will give you a full refund!

Private Label Products
Green Valley Proudly Supports Local Companies

Green Valley Proudly Supports Local Companies

Knowing full well the importance of supporting local business, we strongly support products that are locally grown and made! We actively seek great local products and always welcome feedback on products you would like to see!

Eat Right Live Well!

Interested in Organic, Gluten Free, Natural and GMO Free products?

Well, we just added thousands of these items to the store! Learn more about our Eat Right, Live Well! program.