Our team knows fresh seafood.

Most other retailers don't have knowledgeable, dedicated staff. We do! We have an experienced staff that some of our customers would call fish mongers, because of their expertise in the art of dressing and filleting fish to each customers' preference. Seafood must be fresh to taste best, and that's why our seafood staff has product delivered daily.

From salmon to tilapia, crab legs, steamed crabs and a great selection of shrimp... we have some of the best variety of fresh seafood in the area. Not sure about how to prepare fish? Please ask our staff. They will be happy to help you. If you are in a hurry try our in-store marinated or Panko-breaded fish... all packaged and ready to cook!

Store-prepared restaurant-quality fresh sushi.

We have great Fresh sushi every day but you don't want to miss Sushi Wednesdays! Up to 8 varieties on sale – just $4.99 each!

Sushi chefs are on site throughout the day making fresh product

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Sushi Wednesday - $4.99

Create the perfect Ready-To-Cook meal in only a few easy steps using our Meals Made Easy program!

GV Meals Made Easy

In just 4 easy steps, get yourself a restaurant quality meal that can be done in minutes from the comfort of your own home!

  • Step 1: Pick your Protein
  • Step 2: Pick your spices, butter or marinades
  • Step 3: Pick your sides
  • Step 4: Ready-To-Cook in the oven or microwave!

The heart of this program includes an innovative cooking bag that is used to package fresh meat, seafood, and produce in our store that can be taken home and cooked right in the bag! This eliminates prep time and a messy clean-up. Cooking doesn't get any easier than with our Meals Made Easy! Visit our Seafood Department for more information today!