Quality, freshness, savings, and great service!

That's what you'll find every day in the Green Valley meat department.

A lot of supermarkets say that, but at Green Valley we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What makes our meat department better?

Great Service! - Want a custom cut? Just ask any of our butchers to get you exactly what you want?

Knowledge - Our professional meat cutters are knowledgeable and experienced, and they've got tips galore to make your meal planning easier. Whether you choose beef, poultry, or pork, you can trust that you will be buying fresh USDA-certified products.

Green Valley STILL has in-house butchers to cut your meats fresh daily and right here at the store!

Many of today's grocery chains cut and package their "fresh meats" hours away from their store and inject it with coloring and preservatives to make it "look" fresh, at Green Valley we cut our meats fresh in-store – grind our burger daily and can still answer any questions that you have!

Ground Beef Ground Fresh In-store Daily!

Today many grocery chains grind their ground beef at one central location, fill it with food coloring and lots of preservatives and ship it out in a truck - At Green Valley – we never add anything to our ground beef and it is ground in our stores and wrapped fresh right away and put on the shelf!


Green Valley Gourmet Burgers

Made fresh daily with the finest ingredients by our Chef inspired butchers.

Try one of our signature flavors: Bacon Cheddar Burgers, Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers, Black & Bleu Burgers, Ranch House Cowboy Burgers, and more!

Tips To Cooking A Great Burger:

✔ Use a clean and freshly oiled grill

✔ Cook between 450-500°F

✔ Use a cooking thermometer:

  • Rare 125°F,
  • Medium Rare 135°F,
  • Medium 145°F,
  • Well Done 160°F

✘ Do not over flip the burger

✘ Do not press down on the patty

✔ Let the patties rest for 1 min

Certified Angus Beef

Certified Angus Beef is the World's first premium brand of beef known for producing beef with superior taste & tenderness. Since 1978, Certified Angus Beef was built on a promise of exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness. Certified Angus Beef has 10 quality standards that other Angus beef doesn't have.

  1. Modest or higher marbling - the key to flavor
  2. Medium or fine marbling texture
  3. A maturity from cattle harvested younger than 30 months of age
  4. 10 to 16 square inch ribeye area - consistent sizing
  5. 1,050 pound carcas weight or less
  6. Less than 1 inch fat thickness
  7. Superior muscling restricts the influence of dairy cattle
  8. Practically free of capillary rupture ensures quality appearance
  9. No dark cutter ensures consisten appareance and flavor
  10. No neck hump excedding 2 inches

Only 3 in 10 Angus cattle meet Certified Angus Beef's brand of high standards.

Certified Angus Beef

Don't settle for just any Angus beef, look for the Certified Angus Beef Logo!

Plant-Based meats have become an important part of the diet of many Marylander's and Green Valley has been working hard to source some of the best plant-based products available!

You will find great items from Beyond Burger, Impossible, Sweet Earth and Field Roast!

Beyond Meat
Sweat Earth
Field Roast

Local Items

We have a whole host of local items that many other chain stores don't carry! Look for Roseda beef from nearby Monkton, MD, and Roma sausage from Baltimore, among others. Be sure you try to the Old Bay Roma sausage... it's like a sausage crab feast all year round. Plus, we have a whole host of Green Valley recipe products as well - like our marinated chicken specials.

Natural & Organic Selections!

As part of our Eat Right Live Well program, we have added a large assortment of Organic, Natural & Grass-Fed meats!

Including Bell & Evans, Air Chilled, Organic Chicken!

Bell & Evans 100% Air Chilled method eliminates the need for chlorinated ice water, so the chicken's natural juices never get diluted or replaced!

  • Better flavor
  • More tender meat
  • No added water or chlorine
  • Reduced human handling
  • Less environmental waste
Bell & Evans Logo Bell & Evans Chicken Drumsticks