At Green Valley we know how important fresh produce is!

We work hard to have the variety, quality and freshness that you deserve and at great prices too! We work with lots of local growers to get you local in season fresh produce and with farms from around the US and the world to give you variety throughout the year...

We receive produce several times daily to insure freshness!

And carry brand names you have grown to trust like Dole, Green Giant, and Sunkist among others!

Check out some of our local produce providers!

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Richardson Farms
Bartenfelder Farms
Hanover Farms
Grilled Vegetables

Keep Calm And Grill On!

We have a variety of produce items that are Great On The Grill, including Red, Yellow or Orange Peppers, Green or Yellow Squash and much more.

Head over to our Produce Department today to get what you need for a delicious cookout!

Apple Basket

We are extremely proud of the huge selection of apples that we carry!

If you haven't spent time checking out our apple selection you are missing out on lots of great flavor profiles!

Apple Alley

Eating = for eating      Eating = for baking


sweet, low acid, firm


sweet, tangy, crisp, juicy


sweet, crisp, firm


mildly tart, solid, crisp


sweet, crisp, juicy


tart, semi-firm

EatingEatingCrimson Crisp

tart, spicy, firm, crisp


sweet, tart, very crisp, juicy


mild, soft texture


very sweet, hard, crisp, juicy


sweet, crisp, juicy

EatingEatingGinger Gold

mildly sweet, firm, juicy

EatingGold Rush

tart, extra firm

EatingEatingGolden Delicious

sweet/mellow, crisp, juicy

EatingEatingGranny Smith

tart, firm


sweet, tangy, crisp, juicy


sweet/sharp, crisp, hard


sweet, tart, crisp, juicy


tart, crisp, juicy


tart, best when green


sweet, firm


mildly tart, aromatic, smooth

EatingEatingNorthern Spy

mild, firm


mild, tender flesh

EatingPink Lady

tangy, firm, very juicy

EatingRed Delicious

sweet, juicy

EatingRome Beauty

slightly tart, coarse texture

EatingSnap Dragon

sweet, crisp, juicy

EatingEatingStayman Winesap

mildly tart, firm, juicy

EatingSummer Rambo

tart, crisp, juicy

EatingEatingYork Imperial

semi-tart, hard

Looking for Organic items?

Check out the huge selection of items we have here at Green Valley!

Look for everything from Bananas and Apples to cucumbers and citrus. We continue to source new products and grow our organic options. If there is an organic produce item that you are searching for that we don’t carry – please visit our customer service desk and let us know!